Why You Should Use a Top Coat on Your Epoxy Flooring

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A top coat can be very beneficial for epoxy floors, but many commercial property managers may not know about them. Here are some of the many benefits that you can experience with the addition of a top coat on your epoxy floors.

Increased Wear Resistance and Durability

A clear coat ultimately increases your floor’s durability and helps it resist wear for many years, which is particularly useful in locations where floors experience consistently heavy foot and vehicle traffic, such as garages and warehouses. The top coat can help floors absorb wheel impact and eliminate hot tire lift.

Keeps Floor Colors Intact

If your floor uses colored epoxy, a clear epoxy top coat is necessary to avoid fading over time because of wear. While colored epoxy may be resistant to most oil spills and leaks, if certain substances sit in place for too long, it could result in permanent discoloration that tarnishes your floor’s appearance.

white epoxy floor coating

This also pertains to floors that use paint flakes or chips, which are often prone to peeling and dirt collection. A top coat can make sure that epoxy with flakes stays protected from damage.

Easy Cleaning

Another benefit of a clear top coat is the fact that it’s easy to clean. Mopping won’t affect color coats, including flakes that mops often pick up. People can also scrub them heavily without dulling the color or losing color flakes.

Epoxy Top Coatings Add Gloss

Certain epoxy floors might want a glossy look that reflects light better than a color coat, and a clear top coat can improve this gloss, with polyurethane often available in varying levels of gloss.

This is great for facilities that want more light, as the gloss can create more light because of its reflectivity.

Conceals Scratches More Effectively

Floors gradually develop scratches over time through heavy use. These scratches can start out microscopic and end up large and visible. Using a top coat, you can easily hide these scratches to make them unnoticeable.

Is Easy to Retouch

As colored epoxy floors undergo long periods of heavy use, they can begin to show their wear over time. However, as clear coats experience wear, it’s easy to sand them down and apply a new coat without any noticeable change in appearance.

Sanding helps remove scratches, blemishes, and other surface imperfections that you might otherwise see in floor coatings throughout the years. Epoxy floors with top coating can look new again following resurfacing.

Keep Your Floors Looking Their Best

Using a clear top coat, your epoxy floors can maintain a great appearance for longer periods of time. Epoxy floors without a top coat can also look duller, which can negatively affect the overall appearance of your location.

Whether you own a body shop with a garage or a commercial business with a steady flow of customers, adding a top coat to your epoxy floor can keep your floor in shape.

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